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I think, that the second one was just pure random, so i dont think that there is a way to trigger it. Basically i just wanted to return back to the Hangar, when playing as Queen. (After the Curuscant level the game shifts you for a while to Obi Wan and then, when you enter the Hangar it goes to the animation, where Obi and Qui Gon meet Maul, then you play as the Queen again). So i was just screwing around for a while, close to the Hangar doors, when playing as Queen, but i dont thing that this triggered the Mauls clone bug.

What i think that triggered it is the fact, that i played the whole game at the "60fps" cheat.

Thanks to you i just found another AWESOME BUG. You can kill Darth Maul In the Hangar, right after Curuscant level, when the game lets you play as Obi Wan again.
Just get close to the Hangar doors (dont enter the Hangar), when they open activate the "Naughty Naughty" cheat, to lower the camera. When the camera lowers, you will see Darth Maul standing in the hangar. Just draw you Blaster, Plasma fusion trigger. or Rocket launcher and KILL HIM !!! YAY!! The galaxy is saved again and Qui Gon survived LOLz

You may also try to trigger the Darth Mauls clone bug, by doing this.
Again while playing as Obi Wan, after Coruscant level, get close to the hangar doors, enter Naughty Naughty cheat, shoot Maul few times (but dont Kill him) and then you might trigger the Darth Mauls clone bug, but i newer tried it so im not sure.
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