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Nvm. I got some models that the "Model Viewer" creator put in his topic and with the "GrimReaper" tool (don't know who have created but I've found in this forum) I was able to extract the textures selecting the mat files and his respective patterns (cmp files).

Anyway, I'm not a "Photoshop god" but I'm recreating HD textures (1024x1024 for most files, 512x512 for Jaw expressions and maybe 256x256 for finger/hand) using the original images as a base, and I'm getting nice results. I have used an old script I've created in Unity (change material textures in runtime) to make the mouth animations and looks really great. Maybe some tweaks for a final use but nothing very difficult.

If someone wants to test the "talking script", I made a Web Player with some basic interface to simulate the effect (of course, isn't perfect):

@Mike Andrews - I really want to make part of this project if you want some help. I've sent you a PM.
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