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I bow down to the man who made these; they're amazing. I'm so tempted to actually go out and get one printed.

They remind me how much I love Steve Purcell's original Monkey Island box art. Those are the faces of Guybrush, LeChuck, et al, that I'll always have in my mind. The repainted versions for the special editions never quite did it for me and seemed to lose a lot of the charm.

Originally Posted by whipwarrior View Post
My Nur-Ab-Sal pendant was made by a talented Indy prop-maker in California. The eyes and mouth contain a phosphorescent dye so the pendant blazes with a fiery green glow in the dark.

You can see a more detailed view of the pendant here: (cut-and-paste URL because of stupid Angelfire 'roadblock' link)

I built the horned idol myself about 8 years ago. The outer skin is real copper, but the inside is resin-filled, with a cylinder of sand in the base for a good, solid heft. The whole statue probably weighs close to five pounds. I recently acquired the stone disk set from an artisan in Italy who specializes in Indiana Jones prop replicas. He made them in a very limited run, and it cost me a small fortune, but it's the crown jewel in my FOA collection. The entire prop is fully-functional, and the disks can be dialed on the spindle exactly like in the game (except the spindle button does not press down). The base measures 15 and 1/2 inches square, and about 4 inches in height with all three stones stacked onto the spindle. Truly a work of art.
I'm in awe of those props. That's quite the collection you have there. I still remember that lunar puzzle teaching me what a waxing and waning moon was for the first time as a kid.

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Thanks for posting links to download those nostalgic posters

Here some pics oh final printing . Monkey Island poster printed on canvas and the others normal printing.
That huge Monkey Island canvas has to be my favourite. I think I'd have a total nerdgasm if I went to a guy's house and saw that hanging on the well.

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