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"If that's true," Per'dra told Zarev, "then perhaps there's a way to starve this presence into dormancy or death through the Force. That's how it attacked us, and maybe we should give it a taste of its own medicine. The thing is, how do we even attempt to do that? It's so strong that we can barely hold up mental barriers against it. Defenses will help, most definitely, but we have to defeat whatever hounds us. The galaxy is at stake, and as much as I hate to admit it, I feel sorry for anyone under its possession, whether Jedi or Sith."

"It's possible." Zarev said quietly. "But I personally think we should go to the source of this and end it once and for all. Whoever or whatever this thing is, it's already demonstrated that it has hostile intentions."

Avriela nodded her head in agreement. "And we've seen the power it has. It was able to corrupt a member of the Dark Council and Master Voleran with no apparent effort. We need to end this thing."

Zarev looked over at Per'dra and than over at Vlalkor. "Voleran managed to take back his mind long enough to tell us the name of a planet. Voss. I have a feeling that that is where we can end this once and for all. But for all we know whatever this thing is has already managed to corrupt the natives of Voss. We have to move carefully and quietly to avoid drawing attention to ourselves."

Zarev looked over at the assembled group.

"Are we all in agreement? We go to Voss and we finish this?"
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