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Originally Posted by Alcatraz0890 View Post
Just a suggestion so this version can be used to mod the iOS version is to simply check the files it contains are the save files like v3.3.3 does. So this means have us simply extract it to our desktop and go from there. Saving you time to try and comprehend the iOS folder system. and realistically you could only probably attempt to do that on Jailbroken devices. Would be greatly appreciated.
Unfortunately, that wouldn't work.

You see, KSE loads the stuff like the portraits, appearances, Inventory, feats,powers, classes, and journal entries from the .2da and .jrl files, which can be in the override folder or in the data folder inside .bif archives...

But I don't know how the game is installed on an iOS device, so I can't check for the files. For instance, does the installer allow you pick a path to install it too, and if so, how is this stored in the iOS's system?

If I had that, then I could get somewhere...

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