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"Yeah, and how many of you are going to help me fix up the ship? We are going to start today, so we should all get off the ship. We have a small building for our crew, so anyone who needs to rest can stay there. If you're good to get to work today, then we should get outside and get started."

Zarev smiled weakly and was about to raise his hand to volunteer but Avriela grabbed it before he could get his hand all the way up. "You and Per'dra need to catch some sleep." She said sternly. "You both fought a Jedi Master who was not holding back. Don't worry, we can get the ship fixed up but you need to recover before we reach Voss so get in there and enter a healing trance. "

She stared at both Per'dra and Zarev and pointed at the dormitories. "Sleep. Now." She ordered.

Zarev was about to argue but he saw the look in Avriela's eyes and silently nodded. "Alright. But if there are any emergencies you'd better let me know."
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