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Sorry for continually bumping my own thread here, but I thought members here might find this information helpful. I made another quick update to the mod after I finally discovered the source of a pesky and elusive bug.

Some people may have noticed that sometimes after a while of playing through the game with a custom item that makes use of the "disguise" property (such as the Sith Disguise, Mandalorian Suit, or in this case, Revan's Robes), their disguise suddenly becomes permanent even after unequipping the item. I finally managed to trace the source of this bug to the airlocks in the Hrakert Rift. When you put on an enviro suit, the game doesn't properly remember your original appearance if you happen to be wearing a disguise item at the time (this is partly because BioWare never intended your character to be wearing a disguise at this point in the game anyway). I have since corrected this bug with some scripting now that I learned how to do it with this mod. So not only does this fix the problem for my robes, but also for any other mod that anyone has downloaded which adds custom disguise items into the game.

This update only corrects the issue for the airlocks in the Hrakert Rift; not the Leviathan when you use the space suit to traverse the outer hull. Interestingly, I tested the Leviathan as well but the default scripts BioWare wrote work just fine with disguises in that case.

You can download the latest version here:

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