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Hey guys I just finally bought KOTOR on steam and downloaded it. I've never played the mod nor the game on the pc either, however i played the heck out of it on the xbox. I installed the mod including the patch successfully, however every time i try to play the mod it crashes at the very beginning of the BOS mod.

I manage to talk to the bith in the cantina and i manage to go through the small cutscene before the rodian comes in and talks to me and then tells me to go see the cap'n, and Im able to walk around on the Orion. I walk through and down the hall and then turn left and walk a couple more feet and then a conversation sequence with droid beeping comes up without me pressing on any of the droids and then it crashes to my desktop.

I really want to play the mod but i have no clue whats wrong as this is the only mod i have installed.

Maybe its due to my os being Windows 8 but i doubt it though.

So after looking through the thread forwards and backwards once each time very meticulously and found that another guy in the thread had the same problem as me and It Was Never Answered. Which leads me to believe that a. it was overlooked by everyone. or b. its only happening to the two of us. either way its a bug that not only breaks the mod it also prevents us from progressing any further into the story which considering the other guy didn't post anything else in this thread means he probably gave up and moved on to another mod or game. Please help me your my only hope.

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