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((Time for a three day Time-skip. And sorry for the late post, been a bit busy))

Three days later

Taris Space Port

Zarev slowly opened his eyes and stretched his arms as he came out of his healing trance. He got to his feet and listened to to the background sounds of the Shan. The ship sounded as though it had been repaired as some of the sounds that had become normal after the damage the ship had taken were gone and the normal sounds that he had first heard when they had first taken the ship had replaced them.

Zarev grabbed his double-bladed lightsaber from off the table next to the beds and clipped it to his belt as he walked out the door into the main crew area. He stopped for a moment as he saw Corsail and Vlalkor working on a console.

"Feels good to be up and walking again." He said with a smile as he approached the two of them. "What's the status of the ship?" He asked. Vlalkor looked up at him and turned to look at the console. "Just about done. Just need to fix this up and we're done."
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