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"Right, so that repair you made on the hull right outside your room will 'generally' work in space. I mean, if not, then it could only rip the air out of your lungs so we won't even hear you scream, right?"

Varik widened his eyes in horror as he remembered the half-attempted repair job he made near his room. He would have protested until he realized that Light was only kidding.

"You have a very morbid sense of humor.", Varik quipped. "I'm going to get nightmares thanks to you."

"And this is why we recheck all of the repairs, like the one that almost cut me down outside. Anyways, I've got a diagnostic to run in the cockpit. We can all walk and talk if you'd like."

Varik paused. "Actually, I'd like to talk to you two about something that has been bothering me for a while." He directed this to both of them, but more specifically to Per'dra. "In private, assuming there's someone in the cockpit."

He silently wondered to himself if that faulty repair he did outside was the one Light was talking about. If need be, he could probably pin the blame on Corsail. It would, after all, be quite entertaining to see the results.

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