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"Yeah, the Shan was busted up pretty badly so it took longer then we should have spent here, but you and Per'dra needed the rest, so I guess it worked out for the best."

He let a brief sigh as he stood up from the one knee he had been standing on, "I know you haven't had much time to think about it while you were sleeping but, what are we going to do about our new sith friend? Will he coming with us to Voss or will he be taking his leave?"

Zarev paused for a moment. He had honestly forgotten all about the sith that had come after Avriela. "I don't know. Whatever Avriela said to him seems to have kept him from killing her and the rest of us. His ship was destroyed back on Taris so I think we'll let him come as far as Voss. Once there, he can either go to the imperial forces stationed there there or he can continue to travel with us."

He shrugged. "Everyone deserves a chance at redemption Corsail. If he chooses to take it than that is his choice."

He looked around at the Shan and turned to look back at Corsail again. "How long do you think before we can take off?"
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