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"I don't know. Whatever Avriela said to him seems to have kept him from killing her and the rest of us. His ship was destroyed back on Taris so I think we'll let him come as far as Voss. Once there, he can either go to the imperial forces stationed there there or he can continue to travel with us."

Hearing the answer he expected, Corsail nodded. "Of course he could just be biding his time, waiting for the opportune moment to betray us."

"Everyone deserves a chance at redemption Corsail. If he chooses to take it than that is his choice."

Corsail didn't feel comfortable at all with Velox aboard and wanted to object further, but he made himself slowly nod again. "Just be cautious. I imagine where we're going will be dangerous enough with out having to watch our backs from one of our own."

"How long do you think before we can take off?"

Corsail glanced at the console he had been working on earlier. "Me and Vlalkor were basically just finishing up, we can leave whenever you're ready." He paused, then smiled, "Unless of course you think the Shan needs a new paint job?"

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