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"Me and Vlalkor were basically just finishing up, we can leave whenever you're ready." He paused, then smiled, "Unless of course you think the Shan needs a new paint job?"

Zarev grinned. "No. I think we're good. The sooner we get to Voss, the sooner we can end this threat once and for all." He said as he headed for the Shan's engine room to give it one last look over.

As he arrived in the Engine room, he looked over the engines and the other equipment and the smile faded from his face for a moment. What would happen to him after this mission?

I was corrupted by whatever this thing is...he thought. I fell in love with Per'dra and I threw myself off a cliff. I have no doubt that there will be consequences for my actions. But as long as I can protect Per'dra and the others I will accept whatever judgment the council places on me.

He quietly continued looking over the engines as he continued to think of what he had done.
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