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"Well, if it comes down to us not being able to defeat it, one of us could try to trap all of it inside. They would need help, but it would allow us to keep it contained with a minimal amount of losses, assuming it works. I hate to think of what it would do to that individual, or what we might have to do to them for the fate of the galaxy, but it's the only worst case scenario plan that I can think of. Any other ideas?"

Varik gulped for a moment. It did seem like a horrific scenario. Besides, if they were barely able to ward off Tulak Hord, what chance would they have against this entity? Maybe that's what it wants us to think.

"What if we're overthinking it? What if it just wants us to fear it?"

Varik paused for a moment, thinking carefully.

"Maybe it's not as powerful as it's made out to be."

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