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"It's too bad we're never that lucky. Anyway, If everyone's ready I think we should take off. I'm already getting anxious just waiting around, and they can continue their conversation on the way there if they wish."

Vlalkor nodded. "Agreed. Time to head to Voss. I just hope whatever this thing is doesn't manage to blast us out of the sky when we approach Voss's atmosphere."

He grinned. "Just a joke."

Vlalkor headed for the bridge and sat down in the pilot's chair and began flipping switches and hitting buttons. The Shan rumbled as the engines came online and the ship slowly began to rise into the air.

"Entering Hyperspace coordinates for Voss." Vlalkor said over the intercom. "It looks like it's going to be about one day's journey. You all should probably take the opportunity to rest before we arrive."

Unknown Location

Voleran may have fallen but I have others to finish these fools, The being thought as it sent a single command through the force. A command that echoed through the minds of the people of Voss. Whether they were republic, imperial or the native Voss.


Many of those people who heard the command looked towards the sky for a brief moment. Voleran's death had wounded the being through the force and as such he wasn't as powerful as he had once been. But he could still bring forth those who had already had contact with those he controlled. And his power was still far beyond those of nearly any force user.

To me.

Amongst the confusion that was now erupting across Voss, speeders and other vehicles sped across the surface of Voss as they helplessly obeyed the call of the dark being that now had control of them.
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