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I wonder whether I've broken something...

Hi guys. I wanted to play as a Jedi from the start for my second playthrough. I was lazy, so I just Googled "kotor jedi mod" and used the first result that wasn't on FileFront.(FileFront doesn't work outside the US.) That was this:

Everything was going well. I was using Prototype Vibroblade in my main hand and the short lightsaber the mod gave me in my off-hand. Today, when I loaded my game, my hands were empty and there was no Prototype Vibroblade in my inventory. I shrugged and kept going. I put Mission's Vibroblade in my main hand, short lightsaber in my off, moved on.

Then when I changed areas from Dantooine Courtyard to Matale Grounds, the game said "items lost". Mission's Vibroblade disappeared(Feedback confirmed) and the short lightsaber switched to my main hand. I got angry. I figured the mod must me forcing the lightsaber into my hand somehow.

So in my anger I struck down the mod and deleted everything in the override folder. Then I kept playing. So far it seems like the game is working fine. When I loaded and switched areas again, the blade did not disappear.

My question is, how likely is this action to break something? I mean deleting the files halfway and continuing with the game. The mod is supposed to change only the start, I think. But I haven't officially become a Jedi yet in the story, so...

Should I keep going? Should I do a fresh install and start over with the same mod and/or another mod? Help me LucasForums, you're my only hope.
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