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All of Filefront has a server problem. If you refresh a couple of times, you'll see that the most recent mod upload to KF was on May 7th this year. But a more accurate picture of the state of modding may be looking at DeadlyStream's dowload section.

The modding scene, in short, is moribund rather than actually dead, though KotORFiles is pretty thoroughly zombified at this point.

At the moment, the community averages a couple of mods a month, I think. We're in a lull at the moment, but there always were high and low points of modding activity.

As to the poll question: yes, I miss the old days. However, it's worth bearing in mind that the majority of mods which used to come out were pretty low-quality. The people who have stuck around are, in general, from the group of people who tended to put some time and effort into their mods anyway (though it is by no means all of such people).

As for why there's been a drop-off, KotOR II is nearly ten years old, and KotOR has already passed that mark. Of course interest has dropped off.

The modding community was never exactly huge, never very coordinated, and simply couldn't produce the number of large-scale mods needed to sustain interest in the games over a longer period, mainly because of the difficulty of modding the games, but also the difficulty in coordinating efforts.

If anything, I think TOR temporarily led to a spike in interest, but as I said, the games are both a decade old now.
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