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Modding tools for Mac?

Well hello there, it has been some time.

I remember discovering this place some 8 years ago, and making my first reskins when I was 12. I remember being pretty good at it (for a twelve year old at least) and I was even able to find a way to remodel some of the head models, just by tinkering and trial and error and with help of the replacer tool (I think it was called), I think some of my mods are still somewhere hidden on filefront. Anyways, I made my first steps into tinkering with software because of you guys, and for that I thank you.

I'm kind of getting the urge back to create some new player characters for KotOR 2 but I have some questions. I only have acces to OSX, currently I'm running KotOR 2 with the newest TSLRCM and M478EP through a wrapper in WINE. I am able to use whichever mod I want, so there won't be a problem on that side. Rather, I'm wondering if there are alternatives for the modding tools that are available, has anyone ever only used OSX to mod the game? Could I remodel some heads without windows? Has there been significant jumps in what we can and cannot do?
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