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^^^GIMP and 3DSmax are free and downloadable, and DeadlyStream is where it's at, now.

Holowan Labs is still alive and actually I wish I could download that whole subforum as a viewable document because I have not seen this level of mod info on K1 & K2 anywhere else, and it'd be a shame if that all just went kaput. I hope this place stays around long enough, at least another year or two, for me to either afford to repair this old beast or afford to get my new machine at least operable. Sucks not being able to continue what I was working on. Let alone play the games...

My work in *EDIT*Gmax partially is responsible for my turning to Daz Studio Pro 4.6...but agan I can't do much of anything in my current state of affairs. I feel like I'm Darth Nihilus and my comp is the Ravager as I am keeping it alive even though it probably should be dead.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.

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