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I wonder what EU stuff people are comfortable with losing. Is it just stuff that's older (nostalgia)? People want to keep the Zahn stuff, but I'm guessing not the earlier Marvel Comics stuff? They want to jettison the new stuff like New Jedi Order but not Clone Wars or Old Republic?

The Kevin J. Anderson stuff and the Stackpole stuff was ruthlessly mocked, but it formed the backbone for a lot of stuff that was to come later. Few remember the Alan Dean Foster stuff or the things that were ignored from the Radio Dramas or film novelizations. People apparently loved Infinities even though it was never canon. Let's not forget the "Tales" series, inventing improbable backstories for every background character ever glimpsed in the movies.

And we all recall the endless fascination with the Holiday Special (and especially the Boba Fett cartoon which I'm not sure how anyone can rationalize as being in continuity with the movies). Then you get our own Jedi Outcast which basically rips off "I, Jedi."

Some of the EU stuff is really popular, others of it has nostalgia for certain fans. If they use any of the EU, it's going to upset some people. Some of the older EU stuff was derived from unused concepts from the original Trilogy production, but it's no more "canon" than anything else. They're starting over.

It's funny though, even as I'm talking about this, it sounds like I'm imagining Disney execs in Spielbergian space suits kicking down doors and grabbing EU novels, games, comics and toys out of the hands of fans and slamming the doors in their faces. Or fans lining up to toss all their Star Wars merch into a big bonfire in front of a giant statue of Bob Iger. Nothing is really "going away" it's just what stuff would be considered relevant to the new movies and movie spinoff stuff.

So this will determine if they'll mention Mara Jade or the Vong in the Episode VII novelization. Will somebody cry in the theater if Mark Hamill doesn't get a red headed former Palpatine lackey as his spouse? If Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher have force-sensitive children that aren't a set of twins named Jaina and Jacen and another son named Anakin? If Luke doesn't start a "Jedi Academy" at the Massassi Temple on Yavin IV? If Kyle Katarn isn't mentioned somewhere for all the stuff he did in the old EU? Chances are they could just not mention any of the stuff, but if it's touching on the "personal histories" of the main cast from the Original Trilogy, I guess somebody will be miffed that their favorite thing was left out.

I couldn't care less what they do, so long as the new movies are good. They should at least be better than the prequels. I would say they should be in strict continuity with the old movies, but Lucas messed around so much with the continuity already, I'm not sure that's practical.

I could dream that they'd really only acknowledge the Original Trilogy, but since the Prequels were so hyped up so recently, I can't imagine they'd be paid any less attention. But there's a difference between essential plot points vs. name-dropping fanservice. Like do we need a scene of the principals meeting an elderly Jar Jar in the nursing home?

I'm not mocking people who liked the EU through all its twists and turns. I am a little amused by the idea that we're freaking out over some fictional side stories not being taken into consideration with this newest set of sequels to this fictional franchise. If the new stuff is just as good or better, enough people will buy it that they won't care who was upset.

So how best to appeal to old fans while drawing in new ones?

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