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Yes the activity has slowed considerably, but consider the heavyweight activity that has transpired over the past couple of years:

- The release of TSLRCM 1.8 in July 2012 leads Steam to offer TSL for purchase. The mod received incredible press coverage across the net. It also made people who were averse to mods more open towards them.

- Couple that with the release of M4-78EP......

- VarsityPuppet's Duplisaber mod is unprecedented in terms of its customization possibilities.

- Fallen Guardian's Dustil Restoration added some serious content to an otherwise lifeless Korriban.

- Remember the extreme popularity of Handmaiden for Females? There is now a TSLRCM compatible version. Same goes for the Admiralty mod.

- Kainzorus Prime's NPC Overhaul for both KotORs increases immersion 100fold by eliminating the cloned NPCs.

- Logan23's Revenge of Revan, Trex's The Jedi Masters

- Toasty Fresh's weapon model overhauls - Boy was that ever needed badly or what?

- K1 Restoration is alive and kicking.

- Let's not forget the contributions from some venerable modders in this very thread and many others!

I would say the community is in the "quality, not quantity" stage at this point. And what superb quality it is.
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