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Originally Posted by milestails View Post
You should install TSLRCM first, then M4-78 EP, then any other compatible mods thereafter.

As far as your new list is concerned:

No on Droid Enhancement
Yes on Movement Animation Fix
Yes on Lightsaber Pikes
Yes on Remote (Make backup of remote.dlg from TSLRCM in your Override folder)
Yes on Kreia Movie (Make backup of KreMov01.bik in your Movies folder)
Can you please explain why Droid Enhancement doesn't work? Which mod is it incompatible with? I checked the TSL:RCM compatibility notes, and Droid Enhancement is listed as confirmed compatible. Also, what about the Onderon museum mod, the Dustil restoration mod, and the high-level force powers mod?

Also, will it still work if I installed one or two other mods before TSL:RCM, or should I reinstall those mods now? Or will I have to uninstall them and reinstall everything from scratch?
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