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Originally Posted by Taak Farst View Post
While I may have loved the idea of that when I joined like 6 and a half years ago, I feel like gaming/marketing has made me a cynical bastard and even though it would be a free player-made mod, I would STILL scoffle at it and think "this is just Dxun my god so bad". My imagination and enthusiasm for games aren't what they used to be.
I guess I'm not as cynical as I might believe yet.

Originally Posted by Sithspecter View Post
I think it's possible.
Would it take much to move or remove the generators? Or to add some wreckage?

Get uncynicalized. Module reskinning can be quite powerful:

In addition, the creation of new areas is in its golden age. The ability to create lightmaps is a huge leap forward, and we're now able to create modules that are on par or better than the originals.
Isn't that...Manaan?! That took me at least a couple minutes to process.

Originally Posted by CL-RTNC1-0 View Post
In regard to the SWTOR subject, is the game still the hit with the community that I'm led to believe it is? I don't yet have my computer hooked up to the Internet (posting this from a mobile device), but when I do, will I be too late to join the crowd? I've been told that TOR has almost bled the KoTOR series dry, and I'd hate to miss the final stretch of people actually being into the games.
It has some people. A solid community. However, once you finish the storyline, all that is left is to play PvP, raids and Ops, catching monthly stuff like bounty contracts...while waiting and hoping for new content and fixes.

Oh, and decking out your character, then submitting pics of your new outfit to TOR Fashion and our very own SWTOR section where you show off your latest gear.

Too bad the site is down or I'd link you to the latest costume (more or less) I used on my character. Lottie (2) was what it was called, except I didn't have a blue and gold dye module was default white and lemon yellow. And I substituted some parts.

EDIT: Found it, page moved.
I'll just post an image here:

So yeah, that costume more or less but for a Jedi Consular and undyed.

I was trying for the Samus Aran look, personally.

I took a republic strike team to the maelstrom nebula, and rescued a ~300 year old Jedi called Revan from an imperial base.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.

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