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On second look, I can see that now. Wondered if only for a fleeting moment.

Ok, so maybe my idea wasn't so far fetched afterall, though I am unable to do much with it currently. Feel like a rodent in my little cage box looking out at cheese so close, yet so far away.

Hm. And if object removal and adding isn't nearly as complicated as previously thought...that gives me thoughts other modules can be used for.

I remember DI or someone talking about the tons and tons of stuff in the game, some of it K1 leftovers unused. And an identical Trayus Academy module seemingly unused, possibly for a cutscene location. Some dead corpse there holding a Hurrikaine crystal.

I do notice with the warp band mod, once I've initiated the end game sequence, if I go back out onto Dantooine and into the crystal cave, it spawns that blue marble crystal, Kaiburr. In abundance in fact (contrary to legend).

Some anomalies I know about:
Apparently on the xbox version, the Dock quest for Fassa spawns all those neat robes if you are lv 45-50 and meet certain requirements.

I do know the guide for TSL has listed a purple lightsaber called Malak's Lightsaber but I don't think any such object actually made it into the game.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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