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Originally Posted by Darth Avlectus View Post
Would it take much to move or remove the generators? Or to add some wreckage?
Nope. The ship and the huts would have to stay, though. And possibly the computer panel near them.

The bigger problem is not what can be made, but what to do with the new area. What's the plot for the planet, what is there for the player to do there, and why should the Exile go there?

I've skimmed the article on Wookieepedia on Ambria, and nothing on it looks too unachievable except for the meditative canyon. Creating a canyon full of water would probably need a new area.

Hm. And if object removal and adding isn't nearly as complicated as previously thought...that gives me thoughts other modules can be used for.
Depends on the object. The generators in that module are not part of the area model itself, they're placeable objects. So removal is perfectly possible.

I remember DI or someone talking about the tons and tons of stuff in the game, some of it K1 leftovers unused. And an identical Trayus Academy module seemingly unused, possibly for a cutscene location. Some dead corpse there holding a Hurrikaine crystal.
Think you may be conflating my posts with someone else's. Beyond the content restored in TSLRCM, there really isn't much in TSL leftover from K1, beyond a few low-quality background-people textures, from what I recall.

There were some cut parts of the Trayus Academy, but the RCM restores them.

I do notice with the warp band mod, once I've initiated the end game sequence, if I go back out onto Dantooine and into the crystal cave, it spawns that blue marble crystal, Kaiburr. In abundance in fact (contrary to legend).
As I recall, the Kaiburr crystal in-game is red. Are you thinking of the Ankarres Sapphire, maybe?
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