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Tariq knew that the transmission was important and nodded. Besides his attention was turned to elsewhere and he pulled out the small communicator. He thought it was silly to do this in the beginning but it was proving useful now. He was once again humbled by the wisdom of his CO's thoughtfulness.

It was a data transmission from Tara, the AI that had been assigned to Alpha Team. Tavaryn had suggested that they have a backup means so if he was disabled, then the team could retrieve the AI. At this moment Tara was sending a transmission about Tavaryn's suit status. He said, "Alpha Leader's suit integrity has been compromised."


Tavaryn was trying to get to his feet but his injuries were starting to get to him. He was barely sitting up when he felt his hand being grabbed and the Cathar Jedi was pressing a data chip into his hand.

When you get home, show this holographic chip to my daughter. I hope it helps her.Get to the ship...and tell my daughter and your mate that what I do...I'm doing for them. When you feel she's ready...tell her what I once was...and what I become once again at the end.

Tavaryn couldn't help but nod. They may have fought and the Cathar may have nearly deep fried him once but he could sense that Varith was not motivated by anger or hate. He could sense the pure love for his daughter, the kind that only a father would have for his children. It filled him with a sense of love and happiness since he himself was going to be a father. He managed to breathe, "She will be loved with us."

Tavaryn watched as Varith went to face the mortal enemy of his family. He had every reason to want that scum dead as well but this wasn't his fight. It was Varith's; a fight for the soul and redemption.

Get your friend to the ship. I'll deal with this one.

Tavaryn clenched the data chip in his hand as he watched the bulkhead slide shut. He would keep his promise. He tried to stand up but his legs were giving out. He was stubborn though and tried using the bulkhead to help. Somberly he gestured towards Xandros, "We need to go. It's his battle."


Tyrannus was a survivor. That was what he did if only to extract the revenge that was long sought after of the line of the Heart of the Guardian. He almost had done it with the youngest of the Starlighters but now he was faced with an old friend. He looked at the Cathar.

You won't escape this time. This die.

Tyrannus chuckled, "You are most certainly welcome to try old friend." He brought up his lightsaber and went into a position to prepare to attack. Suddenly he lunged at the Cathar.


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