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TSL Spoilers abound for those not in the know.

Originally Posted by Sithspecter
Object adding is very, very simple. Object removal is slightly more complicated, but can be done. For small stuff, it's easy enough to place other models over it to hide it. Some things can also be removed by retexturing them to a blank texture, and precisely hex-editing the model files.

Editing the lightmaps is the real gem. That was the key to how I made the underwater portion of Manaan look like Yavin IV. It can totally transform an area in its own right.
Originally Posted by DI
Depends on the object. The generators in that module are not part of the area model itself, they're placeable objects. So removal is perfectly possible.
Hm. Good to know.

Originally Posted by Darth InSidious View Post
Nope. The ship and the huts would have to stay, though. And possibly the computer panel near them.

The bigger problem is not what can be made, but what to do with the new area. What's the plot for the planet, what is there for the player to do there, and why should the Exile go there?
Ah the plot. Here is where I eventually scoffed at my own concept. I'll post--if only for your amusement.

1- Inspired by the Darth Bane novels first I thought to make a apparition laden future vision involving a certain part from Rule of Two on Ambria. I ultimately nixed this because it was jarring and unrelated to the Exile's storyline. Revan's maybe because it was vaguely related, but not Meetra Surik's.

2- Ominous future inspired from the Revan novel, (meant to be after Ludo Kressh's tomb on Korriban), the Exile seeing glimpses of Revan in danger, and even a fateful moment when a shadowy figure stood over a wounded kneeling Revan about to deliver the killing blow. I nixed this because the moment was absolutely unforeseen. So, obviously this would fly in the face of that.

3- Filling in plot holes and illuminating subjects untouched. Aside from the small stuff, this would primarily attempt to explain a bit more about Darth Nihilus based on existing information in the game (as well as other existing material on Nihilus), but this would also (try to) fill in blanks that TSLRCM might not have covered in addition.

This angle is very much W.I.P. I can elaborate if anyone is interested. I apologize if this was already covered by TSLRCM, so...take it for what you will...

I've skimmed the article on Wookieepedia on Ambria, and nothing on it looks too unachievable except for the meditative canyon. Creating a canyon full of water would probably need a new area.
I was afraid something like this would come up. Is this unworkable? I've heard of people making custom objects and maps for games, but in order for it to actually work in games it needs to be under a specific poly count or something like that... (Here I am a newbie on Daz Studio, commenting on such things as if I knew what I'm actually talking about... )

If this isn't possible...would it be bad form to attempt to abbreviate or abridge it, maybe?

For example, Korriban's valley of the sith tombs in K1 & 2 is much smaller than its counterpart in SWTOR.

Or if you need another example for discussion sake, compare the Overworld maps of Dragon Warrior 1 to its counterpart within DW2's larger world map (upper left quadrant of map).

I think you get my point.

Think you may be conflating my posts with someone else's. Beyond the content restored in TSLRCM, there really isn't much in TSL leftover from K1, beyond a few low-quality background-people textures, from what I recall.

There were some cut parts of the Trayus Academy, but the RCM restores them.
I thought that might be. Wasn't sure.

Yeah, sucks not being able to go back in and check out TSLRCM.

As I recall, the Kaiburr crystal in-game is red. Are you thinking of the Ankarres Sapphire, maybe?

Aha! So I am! You were right.
Guess now I'm starting to forget small things even of TSL.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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