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"Ackbar the structural integrity is failing. We've had a major explosion. Will hold out until..."

Belina looked up sharply as she heard the comn cut out. "We've lost communications with them." She said quietly.


"I'm all right moi chroi."

Alriana had tears running down her face. Tears of sorrow and also tears of relief. Velra was standing next to her with tears running down her face and she was sobbing.

"I...felt that Cathar force user die." Alriana said quietly. "I could sense the light-side in him at the end. He managed to finally put an end to Tyrannus. He gave his life not only for us, but for his daughter."

Velra continued crying as Alriana picked her up and gently hugged her. "It's going to be alright Velra." She said quietly. "Your father was a hero and I'll make sure the Jedi remember his name with honor."

She gently freed one of her hands and pulled Tavaryn into the hug while softly planting a kiss on him. "I'm glad your safe Tavaryn. And thanks to Varith we no longer need to worry about Tyrannus. A good man sacrificed himself to make sure of that."
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