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Ebon Hawk

Tavaryn relaxed since that helped with the healing process. He replied, "I would like you to know. I would like you to know who I was trapped with. He was the reason why I have some control over my Jedi abilities. If you are willing."

He paused so she could think about it. He rarely spoke about his days as a Shinigami before he met her. It was only right that she know. He sighed as he felt he healing course through.

As he relaxed he felt Alriana lean in close and heard her whisper, "Twins."

Tavaryn turned to look at her. His eyes were wide in surprise. He thought he had a surprise when she told him she was pregnant. This was... "Twins? For certain?" He looked to her for confirmation.


Jun-la smiled at Velra and replied, "Just put it into that slot." She pointed at the slit for the data chip.

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