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Ebon Hawk

Tavaryn grasped Alriana's hand and held it in his large ones and looked at her, "Nothing would make me happier than to accompany you." He reached out with one of his hands after sitting up. He winced slightly since he was still sore. He still managed to sit up and he reached towards her abdomen and gently touched it. He tentatively reached out and actually picked up the tiny lives. "They are there moi chroi. I sense them."

He took a breath and stared at Alriana's abdomen. His expression was a content smile as he sat in silence. Then he said, "His name Aiden. He was the Jedi I was to protect. We were captured and Aiden was injured trying to save me. We ended up in the tank and left to die slowly. He continued to save me by instructing me how to use the Force to control my breathing. He gave me the basis to experiment with other abilities."


Jun-la put her hand on the little girl's shoulder. She then offered her embrace for comfort. "It is okay to cry little one. Remember the good things he did."

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