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Ebon Hawk

Tavaryn continued to caress Alriana's cheek. He loved the feel of her soft skin under his finger tips. He ended up chuckling gently since he remembered the last time he started out with a cheek caress. He couldn't help himself and chuckled some more.


What does it mean to fall?

Jun-la thought about what to say. She didn't want to put the child's father in a bad light. Still she couldn't lie to her either. Finally she said, "Well, remember when I said that some people who have gifts like you use them to hurt people? That is what it means to fall. The reasons are many. Most fall because they try to protect the people they love and sometimes they do it the wrong way. Your father wasn't a bad person. He just made a bad choice. Do you understand?"


Andros. We need your help with something when you get back. We may have a security problem here.

"Copy that," Andros replied. "Maybe I can borrow Tara for the job."

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