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Ebon Hawk

Try and get some rest. According to Andros we're going to reach the Ackbar in an hour and if you don't want to end up in the Bacta tank you should get some rest.

Tavaryn sighed and made a slight face. "Alright moi chroi." His expression then became mischievous and he added, "Care to join me? I might be lonely."


I want to train. I want to train so my Mother and Father will be proud.

Jun-la nodded. She had seen the shadowy figures of the girl's parents. "I will teach you little one." She put a hand to Velra's face and rubbed her head in a comforting gesture.


Once you get back we may have to move the majority of the fleet. I have a feeling our position may be compromised. Try and get here as quickly as you can.

"I'm pushing her to the max Admiral," Andros commented. He made an adjustment on the panel. "To buy some time you could have Admiral Garja initiate the stealth protocol I was showing him last week. It can hide the fleet's signatures."

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