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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
Show spoiler

I don't know... it looks plenty different to me. It keeps the overall elements that make it a space superiority fighter and escort, but there are clearly A LOT of design changes that tell me this is a more evolved version of the most famous starfighter that helped bring freedom to the galaxy.

I think the fact that we're seeing the X-Wing return in an evolved form rather than a completely new starfighter variant is an acknowledgement of its role in shaping the galaxy during the days of the rebellion.
It's slightly different, but not plenty different. For the general audience, it's essentially an X-wing despite the minor cosmetic changes.

Throughout the PT, we see ships and vehicles that are unique but at the same time easily identifiable as the predecessors of what will come later (i.e: Sith Infiltrator and Jedi interceptors will eventually become the TIE fighters, ARC-170 will eventually become the X-wing, etc...). I wish we would get a similar design evolution (and originality) with the ST.

Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
EDIT: Also, is it me or does it look like the new X-Wing has a single layer s-foil instead of a double layer of the original? Looking at the laser mounts at the ends of the s-foils, it looks like it's actually split down the middle, meaning when the s-foil move into attack position, it'll look like the front s-foil section will move down while the back will move up.
That's correct.

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