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Smile Gold Leader checking in! Long time no see!

What's up all?

Still posting all that insane stuff over and over again.

I have been gone quite a while this time, huh? I have been very busy with real life stuff mainly. All my playing time, what little I have, has been spent playing my other favorite PC game. SFC2.

Now, I don't want to hear any crap on SW vs ST either. I am a fan of SW, ST and all Sci-Fi, and this game rocks as far as I am concerned. I still play RS every now and then, it is as great as ever, just old hat to me and nothing new to do in it.

But the other day I played RS on the N64 for the 1st time, and all I can say is, gross! The graphics and sound are noticably better in the PC version, and the N64 game pad sucks swamp water big time compared to a decent joystick. Makes me glad I haven't bought a console since my wonder years. I'm sure I will someday for my kids, but the PC for gaming is just fine for me, thank you very much.

So, what's up? I noticed a few new people post here now, but mainly the same old bunch? Any new news on RS2? I noticed you made me a moderator for a new forum on the search for RS passcodes. LOL Sorry I wasn't here to help out. Surprised Luka_YJK didn't e-mail me about it. Haven't run anymore scans on that for weeks. I thought we got to the point where it would take years to scan all the longer combinations? Any progress? I was hoping to come back and find out Luka_YJK cracked the code database and made all sorts of mods. If anybody can do it, he's the one.

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