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Post fly any ship in speeder level! copy the link into the address box and hit enter. and then click the dload thing, and TADA!!!!! you can fly any ship in the speeder levels! The catch is you cannot complete the objectives (or fail them except on hoth). Luka, I think you should've made it be for ALL the levels instead of just the speeder ones, 'cause since you can't complete the objectives or fail them, you can fly around in the level forever, and get to memorize everything. it'd help alot of newbie pilots who have no clue where everything is too, and some veteran pilots can just fly around and dogfight, also, it's nice since you can actually take the at-st through any of those levels and just have fun without being too late for your objectives to be completed!

Another catch is the sky is always tatooine sky, so every level that's replaced ends up being the tatooine sky, also, the music is also the tatooine music. It doesn't bother me that much, it was actually pretty cool to see what corellia looked at daytime.

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