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you can blow everything up though and not take the blame! woohoo!!!! time to bomb corellia!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAAAA

AT-ST can now go anywhere on imperial construction yards, no more screaming at those sensor arrays! ignore the sensor arrays! woohoooooo!!!! And also, The AT-PTs have been destroyed, repeat the at-pts have been destroyed! BUT WHO CARES!!!!! you can fly all over that level and blow the whole place up! wooooooohooooo!!!!!! hoth was the worse one i think, you fail your mission if you destroy the atsts. i haven't tried to blow the shield generator though...

It'd be nice to fly around unlimited time in liberation of gerrard V, blowing up the yaughts, flying over the cities, not giving a darn about crispy madines y-wings.

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