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ehehe do you use the [ key for 1/3 throttle? that's good when someone's on your tail, and u wanna shake 'em off, or do a sharp turn. I used to always press enter to match the enemy's speed, but it's not good anymore unless you're ESCORTING something. hehe. btw, u can order your wingmen to do stuff, press the TAB key, and there's a list of wingmen, and u can have them do stuff, it's pretty cool.

as for training, i suggest you try it again, luke-er i mean:

Play as a TIE Fighter (this'll make u get really good and u won't be relying on shields), and do 1 on 1 matches against an X-Wing with Veteran difficulty in the skirmishes. That'll help you learn to track your target well. Also, for speed management, if u notice you're away from the enemy ,and your lasers are charged up to full, u could press F9 until they're to normal recharge rate (which is basically neutral since it doesn't do anything), and that'll increase your speed and you'll keep your lasers. something like that. anyways, do what i said and practice with the TIE Fighter against the X-Wing. so, put on that imperial helmet and go kick some rebel droid's butt!

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