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ok, this is how it goes...when u win or lose, you add a thing in your signature, like I got (wasn't i smart to do that?) And post your wins/losses. Since we all know what to do now, and since it'll be a pain to try to remember our last wins/losses, they'll be reset to ZERO.

This clan is officially ONLY for Mysteries of the Sith.

We play Manowars 3 against each other, which is a mod for mysteries of the sith. it can be found at to use it, you'll need Patch Commander, just put the mano3sd and mano3sk in the directory and activate them that way.

The reason why we use Manowars is to train. It helps you know exactly where to aim to get a hit in regular games. And it's really fun.

this should be in your signature:

Rank: Trainee

When we play on the zone, we'll use the Stormtrooper skin, and use the taunts that the stormtrooper uses (need to find them first)

If anyone else wants to post their game-specific clan, please do so on another thread.

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