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Defeating Boc:

Run into the low corridors off the arena; with the low ceiling, Boc can't jump. Remember to stay close to him so he won't use his <strike>kamehameha</strike> Force Destruct attack. As always, strafe around him, since he doesn't turn all that well, and use Persuasion and Blinding to effect.

Defeating Jerec:

Straight out duel to begin with, then let him run to the tower while you halt the statues. Follow him up the tower to catch him still meditating. Attack him and keep the duel inside the tower's upper room. If he leaves the tower, he'll just come up the well (and set off the statues) again. gamorreans:

Just like a saber duel; strafe in a circle. Wait for the guard to raise his axe, then dodge to the side and let him have it. It takes them about three seconds to recover from one of their attacks, so hit them when they're vulnerable. When the ax comes back up, start dancing again.

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