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ya, for jk. If u wanna really see what we play, go here and get Manowars 2, it's for Jedi Knight.

oh, btw clan members: I found us a NEW skin/mod pack that is VERY similar to Manowars 3, but without all the features:

Dark Forces 3.0

Our clan is now the Darktrooper clan. Phase 2 will be our skin, since there was only ONE Phase III skin made, and not enough to go around.

some of the skins in the game:

Sentry Droid
Sentry Droid 2
Probe Droid
Assassin Droid
Battle Droid
Silver Protocol Droid
Kyle Katarn from Dark Forces
R2 unit
R5 unit
Dark Trooper Phase I
Dark Trooper Phase II
Dark Trooper Phase III
General Veers
Admiral Daala
Obiwan Kenobi
New Emperor
Dark Luke
Darth Maul
Mara Jade (the better version of her)
Leia Jedi

I don't think I missed any.

This mod is so much better. Your maximum shield is 500, the assault gun the darktrooper uses takes up 1 cell of energy per use, and fires like the bounty hunter gun from manowars III. Also includes ROCKETDARTS!

I only wish some of the skins moved correctly, the assassin droid for instance, doesn't move its legs AT ALL. I'm not sure about the AT-ST tho, since it was a close up view...

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