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ok, and for our clan, i'll try to get together ALL the droids from as many mots skinpacks as i can find with droids in them and make a 'Droid Skinpack'

It'll have:

Battle Droid
Silver Battle Droid
Silver Protocol Droid
Gold Protocol Droid
Dark Trooper Phase I (i think that's a droid, will someone confirm that for me?)
C-3PO Episode I
C-3PO with silver leg
Death Star Droid

Also, if I can get these to work correctly:

Mouse Droid
R2 unit
R5 unit
Sentry Droid
Sentry Droid 2
Imperial Probe Droid
Interrogator Droid
Remote Droid
Assassin Droid

This would be SO cool if nothing goes wrong.

If Rhett helps out, it'll be even more awesome, cause I could get him to make the different droids have different healths as well as other features.

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