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ok.. last things I need to add:

R2 and R5 units

Flying Droids

and then It'll be done!

I can't add the Assassin Droid, Gonk Droid, or any other walking droids unless they don't need .pup files...cause when i add the .pup file, which holds the keyframes, it messes the droid model up and it doesn't move like it's supposed to.

HOPEFULLY I can get the probe droids to have a 'jetpack' so they can fly around like they're supposed to...will probably add jetpacks on R2 and R5...due to 'popular demand'.

ok...droids i'm REALLY looking for:

ASP Droid
Torture Droid (not interrogator droid, its the one that tortures the gonk droid in return of the jedi)

Droids that I'll most likely have in, that aren't in now:

Flying Droids:

Construction Droid
Sentry Droid


Mouse Droid

If there's a way to get the other droids in, like the assassin droid and gonk droid, i'll put them in as well.

If anybody knows where I can get the ASP Droid, please say so! I NEED IT!!!!!!!

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