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Re: Call to arms.

Originally posted by Skinkie
Attention friends of Sam and Max, for those of you who haven't been able to keep up with some of the recent conversations I thought I should let you know that myself and sheaday6 have started an invasion into the Galactic Battlegrounds forums, go to their off topic area and click on THE BIZARREST THREAD EVER, remember, your country needs you!!!
1.) Skinkie and Sheaday: Don't try to represent us on your crusade, or whatever the hell you're doing. You guys aren't going to get our support if you keep marching around in the name of Sam and Max, making it such a big deal. First of all, you guys are new to the community and we don't know you very well. Second, I doubt many people here have any beef with the SW communities you're trying to crush, or something (I'm honestly not sure what you're trying to accomplish, but whatever it is, quit it).

2.) Whoever is locking topics on our forums needs to quit it. These boards are moderated under our standards. If you feel that something is wrong send the proper mods a message explaining what is wrong, and let the judgment lie with them.

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