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Setting Things Right

Ok, I don't want this to be another battlethread so somebody lock it down fast, if you want...

I'm freaking sorry. I had no idea this whole thing would blow up like this. sheaday6 has already taken abuse for this, but I've generally been ignored, and technically it was, my idea. I think we should just all move on and forget about it.
This is wasn't about raising our post numbers, or actually taking out any other forums, it was just fun. Some enjoyed it, others (generally those in charge) didn't. So let's just move on to other things, i mean, half of the posts in here anymore are people argueing I'm sorry I caused this whole scene (but it was fun, some of you have to admit it)

Oh yeah sorry I didn't put this up earlier, but I got trapped out of town by icey roads, lovely Ohio weather....

Just because people think what I say don't make sense, doesn't mean I don't like popsicles.
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