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Force Commander was better. It was in 3D!!!!!!! And you got only units that were in the movies(in general like for the empire, except for the 2 artillaries and that's about it). Each race has units unique to their side,not just a generic trooper,mech destroyer,and fast fighter. Like Rebs has infiltrators(to counter the AT-AT's and really piss off an imperial player) and heavy troopers,while the Imps have PT's,Dewbacks,and scout bikes. And the units could do far much more than in battlegrounds.
Like stormies could actually get off them(cuz hey they're just bikes you can get off like in the movies). . In GB,the units have been cemented and strapped to them no recreating the speeder chase in GB unless they make a new hero unit thing for Luke and Leia on Speeder Bikes.Oh and dewbacks actually shot laser blasts,not just some crappy flamethrowers(if humans can sport blaster why not big dewbacks?) And Speeders actually have tow cables(I mean you seem them shoot at AT-AT armor,the lasers has no effect). They also has secondary fuction. So a trooper that's efficently microed can take out 2 or more stormies before he dies(there's one set for stun). Battlegrounds has no secondary fuction (which makes no sense). I had only one gripe about Force Commander....the AT-ST didn't use it's concussion grenade launcher(on the right side of its head) as a secondary weapon....not complaining,the ST was really powerful.....just one minor gripe. Oh and the artilllery addition made the game practically a battle over who's artillery had greater range. That's my 25 cents.

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