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I got the lil silver key and I also have the grey uniform (which I used the silver key to get it) but now when I'm on the 3rd level I think it is (I'm going by the foyer is the lower level, then you go to the floor where the grey uniform was, then go up the stairs to where I found the key) On the North-East side of the level, I come across a guy, and now coz I'm wearing the grey uniform, I'm a senior officer or something I get to the point where I have an option to say something like "Call your Commander, he knows me and is expecting me" or something like that, but the gaurd replies "call my commander but you don't know his name? I think you're an intruder!" and then he starts fighting with me. I know I need the commanders name, but I don't know where to find it, and I've talked to every gaurd I can find

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