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*The boy lookes scared at the Jedi. Then he looks very mad. and Corzip feels the anger of the boy. Then suddenly he feels a battle is about to start. he lets the boy go.*

Corzip Dinn:
I have to go. ill talk to you later.
he picks up his comlink. Darkforse!? are you there!? We have trouble in the bar. get out your saber and follow me to the bar. Remember all the moves i tought you?? Well you are gonna use them. Call Garik and let him get his fighter ready for the bar. and get your Sync unit for your ship ready to use it and call it to you.

*The boy looks up to Corzip and is amazed of the orders he just gave. Corzip puts a hand on his head.*

Corzip Dinn:
Take it easy boy. and dont get into trouble. May the force be with you!

*Corzip runs away toward the bar. around a corner behind the boy Darkforse comes running in the same direction with a comlink in his hands.*

Garik!! get your ship ready after your drop of and get to the bar. Corzip thinks there is trouble. and make the other ships ready too! Darkie out!

*Darkforse runs on with Corzip to the bar!*
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