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I think that even today, the whole concept of incorporating tactical combat, full-on 3D graphics, and real-time strategy may be more than any game maker can do effectively. On the other hand I heard alot of good things about Ground Control - though never played it.

If FC2 was done, they would have to scrap ALOT of the things that were heavily criticized in FC: interface, AI, pathfinding, etc. I think a good compromise would be to cut back on the strategy and maybe produce a land-based SW combat game that focused more on tactical combat a little more like the Mechwarrior series (never played that either). Think how fun it would be to actually drive and do combat from inside an AT-AT or AT-ST! Remove the strategical elements from the combat and focus more on tactics...and visuals. Or move the strategy to a higher level, separating it from the tactical combat.

I really think a land-based tactical shooter with jaw-dropping graphics would be great! They do it with air combat, why not with land?
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