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*DDarkstar hurls Deac and Rwos aside, and he focuses on Syrnl*

DDarkstar: Starkiller will protect his friend. You haven't got any, Syrnl...

Syrnl: Kill me and you destroy yourself! I feed your darkside! We can do great evil together!

DDarkstar: There is no good and evil; no black and white. If I kill you both, then I will still live

[To Syrnl] We both have to work to defeat him!

Syrnl: What if I kill you? He'll still die!

*In one mighty swoop, Syrnl hurls his saber at Deac, who is stabbed through the chest. As Deac collapses, Rwos hurls himself at the Darkstars, but is knocked back.
Suddenly, Deac's limp body is raised. A star appears to fall from the sky and thousands of warriors with glowing eyes appear, then enter Deac's body, and in a flash of blinding light, Deac dissapears.
Enter the Avatar of Starkiller.*

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