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No, Met wasn't mocking you, I was. Get it strait.

And nothing FORCES you to go to those gambling sites, dumbass. Just ignore them, it's not hard. Even for you.

And while I adhear and respect the mightyness of great austraila (we only wished all penal colonies could have turned out as great) and it's porn accepting laws (we know how hard it is to find a good looking australian woman), I frankly don't give a **** about what aussies think of casino ads.

And as for it being unreasonable, do you have any idea how hard it is to pay for bandwidth? Now, we all can't have the godly hosting that digitalrice hands out, but it usual comes down to paying in any way you can still hang on by your fingernails at the failing digital econaomy. At least they havn't sunk to the likes of posting a million pop ups of "ALL HOLES FILLED" and "A PENIS FOR EVERY MAN!" because, even though you haven't turned that single processing brain to new ideas yet, actual kids *gasp* post on this site. And usually, it's considered wrong to have them going to adult sites. [key note in that statement unless you didn't catch it: adult site.]

So, with all due respect:

Eat it.

P.S. Plus: I really don't think those with gambling problems are simply becomming addicted to gambling due to lame ass on-line casinos when there are whole establishments for that. Just like Nympho's don't stay endured on your loved porn sites.

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